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Mardi Gras Around Liberty Towers

BY libertytowers, February 14, 2015

Mardi Gras if often a holiday thought of to be for party goers or the people of New Orleans. Here at Liberty Towers our residents can celebrate and join in the festivities of Mardi Gras by participating in several events in the area, because who doesn’t love an excuse to try out some new dishes and explore food cuisine from different parts of the country and world?

Whether you’re looking to go out to the bar for a drink, enjoy some Cajun at a restaurant, or do something for others, Jersey City offers it all for Liberty Towers residents, especially if you are open to taking a small trip to a neighboring town.

If you don’t mind taking a little bit of a hike so to speak for a good cause, less than an hour away from Liberty Towers in Ridgewood you can join in on a Mardi Gras party to support the local church which is celebrating its 150 year anniversary. There will be food, drinks and a prize for best costume. Attendees must sign up in advance, which you can do by calling Cathy at Christ Church at 917-952-7365.

Right here in Jersey City Liberty Towers residents have another chance to celebrate while getting involved to support a good cause by helping to end homelessness. February 17th, Port-O-Lounge will be hosting a Mardi Gras Mixer to end homelessness. The event will include live performances, and suggested donations will be accepted as well as a portion of drink profit will be donated to the cause. All proceeds will go to Covenant House NJ. If you are looking for more information Check out the event link Here.

 Mexicali will be having festivities starting at 8.  Located in Teanneck, you can find Cajun specials served for Mardi Gras and enjoy drinks and music. This annual celebration has been a tradition for over 5 years, so if you are looking for something fun with a little bit of everything its worth the trip to enjoy a fun night of music, food, and drinks.

Busy this week and looking to post pone your Mardi Gras celebrations? If you are patient enough to wait until May and for the warm weather, you can have a belated celebration at The 26th Annual Crawfish Festival. An hour drive is nothing for our Liberty Towers residents determined and excited to find a good Cajun meal, and live music featuring Louisiana and New Orleans best. You get the chance to experience the fun, just as if you were in the heart of the famous Mardi Gras celebrations in New Orleans and without the hassle of purchasing that plane ticket or a 20 hour drive! Here are the websites to both if you are looking for more information