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Halloween Hosting at Liberty Towers

BY libertytowers, October 21, 2015

Halloween is around the corner and whether  you’re hosting your own guests at Liberty Towers or hanging out in Jersey City with friends, here are some great festive ideas for our Liberty Tower residents for drinks and treats!

Candy Corn Drink: Found on the Better Homes and Gardens website, This fun and festive recipe is perfect to bring if you’re a guest or serve at your own apartment. This sweet treat is sure to be a favorite with mango flavored gelatin, whipped cream infused with honey and tangy orange soda. Make sure to serve in a clear container, because looking at it is half the fun and not only is great for guests to enjoy, but adds to your overall Halloween décor!

Blood Red Halloween Punch: Also coming from Better Homes and Gardens this alcoholic punch is rich with orange and pomegranate flavor and is sure to look great served at the snack table with all the other themed goodies! Slices of ginger and rosemary sprigs add the finishing touches to this crowd pleasing punch. Take a look at the recipe for all ingredients that you will need!

Pumpkin Stuffed Bell Peppers: If you are looking for a main dish for a Halloween filled meal, these adorable stuffed peppers are perfect. The perfect touch of adding the Jack O’Lantern face gives you a creative and festive dinner. All Recipes has a wonderful recipe listed on their website if you don’t have one of your own for these pumpkin peppers. If you are just looking how to turn an ordinary dinner into Halloween fun, the video included with the recipe will show you the best way to carve your pumpkin pepper!

Pumpkin Cheese Ball: This pumpkin cheese ball recipe from the Food Network is the perfect tasty Halloween décor, and gives you a festive vibe without the pumpkin taste. With a total preparation and cook time of less than 30 minutes, this recipe is an easy snack or appetizer for a party. It is also easy to transport and bring wherever your Halloween adventures take you! Easy to purchase items like cream cheese, cheddar, onion and salsa are the main ingredients.

If you are looking for more ideas you can take a look at any of the websites for more fun Halloween themed ideas including more drinks, dishes, cupcakes and many more yummy snacks and treats!