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Saint Patrick’s Day Around Jersey City

BY libertytowers, March 3, 2016

St. Patrick’s Day is here and there are parades taking place all over New Jersey the next few weeks. Here at Liberty Towers our residents can tap into their Irish roots, or just pretend to be Irish for the day by participating in the fun holiday activities. Liberty Towers residents are lucky enough to have their own parade taking place right here in Jersey City! There are also many parades this year happening close by to Jersey City, with most less than a half hour from Liberty Towers.

Break out your best green attire and join other local residents at one of the biggest St. Patrick’s Day events around! Jersey City has just announced the date of their annual parade which will take place this year on March 13th. Jersey City will follow their traditional celebration for the 54th year in a row. The parade will start at Lincoln Park and march along Kennedy Boulevard to Journal Square. The last few years have featured over 50 organizations taking part in the event, 20 bands playing favorite Irish traditional tunes and several green, orange and white festive floats. The parade’s Facebook Page will soon have all the updates for more information.

Another great parade will be happening just a wee bit away from Liberty Towers! Newark will hold their St. Patrick’s Day parade a few days before Jersey City on March 11th. As the longest standing parade in New Jersey, spectators can anticipate quite a spectacular day. Along the parade route there are several Irish pubs and restaurants that you could check out. The parade’s website features all information about the parade, including the parade route and map of spots to stop off at!

To see all the parades and festivities going on over the next few weeks, you can take a look at the following articles which will tell you the locations and times for all St.Patrick’s Day fun in New Jersey!


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