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Healthy Eating On The Go with The Green Radish in Jersey City

BY libertytowers, April 21, 2016

As summer is nearing closer and closer, many people start to get into their healthy eating habits in anticipation for the warm weather after a winter full of holiday indulgence. After a long day of work or attending to daily responsibilities it can be hard to head back to your Liberty Towers apartment and take the time to whip up a healthy meal. Lucky for Liberty Towers residents, Jersey City has a great accommodation that helps solve this dilemma. The Green Radish is a portable food venue that changes locations, and provides healthy delicious options for those nights you are too tired or too busy to cook.

The Green Radish not only offers healthy plant based food options, but it is a great choice if you are trying to be conscious of the environment. Most of their ingredients and produce are organic. For those that they can not obtain organically, they make sure that all their food comes from local farms or vendors and are all naturally grown.

Their menu includes options like their black bean burger—with the option of also adding delicious bbq sauce for flavor, Banh Mi Sandwich made up of tofu, vegetables and serrano mayo and salad options as well. They also have side dishes like baked and grilled rosemary fries and corn fritters. You can even order dessert to wrap it up and make it a full meal!

The Green Radish works by traveling around Jersey City and NYC, making a different area its location for the day. For more information about this mobile eatery making it’s way around Jersey City, including updates on its current location take a look at their website or Facebook page for more information.