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Liberty Towers Memorial Day Cooking Guide

BY libertytowers, May 19, 2016

The best part of holiday weekends are the company, relaxing time off and of course the food! There are many options and festive dishes you can whip up whether you are hosting a Memorial Day party in your Liberty Towers apartment, bringing a dish to a gathering, or feel like making something just because! Here are some Memorial Day tips for our residents, all easy to make by shopping for the ingredients at local Jersey City markets.

Nothing says holiday cookout quite like the smell of food cooking on the grill. Here are some on the grill favorites and the recipes for some savory Memorial Day cooking!


Citrus and Garlic Pork Shoulder                     Molasses Smoked Baby Back Ribs


Coconut Curry Grilled Chicken                      Honey Chicken Kabobs


If you are hosting or attending a picnic around Jersey City, there are several different food options you can bring along! You can’t go wrong with a traditional potato salad, which is a great side dish to almost any meal. There are many different ways to make it so you can easily mix it up to your liking. Here is a recipe from Martha Stewart’s website if you need some inspiration for ingredients and dressing mixes. Take a look at these other options as well, if that recipe isn’t the right one for you.


Southern Dill Potato Salad      Hellman’s Original Potato Salad


Creamy Potato Salad 


With summer coming up the holiday events can make it hard to stick to healthy eating habits. If you are determined not to break your routine, there are many healthy options you can cook for Memorial Day. Eating Well provides several different healthy options and recipes that will make your mouth water, and anyone can dig in and enjoy!


Mozzarella stuffed turkey burger        Chicken, tomato and broccoli salad


Chipotle and Orange grilled chicken


For more healthy holiday recipe suggestions, check out Eating Well’s full website for all of their suggestions and recipes.