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The Barrow Mansion of Jersey City

BY libertytowers, March 3, 2017

Did you know there’s a historic mansion tucked away in Jersey City right by the Grove Street PATH station? Barrow Mansion, established in 1837, is a huge part of the Jersey City community and has an eclectic, storied history, that has evolved and remains current in Jersey City’s cultural landscape. Every year 40,000 people visit the mansion, attending more than 1,500 meetings and events.

Arts programming is a significant part of the mansions interaction with the community, hosting theater, dance and music performances.  The mansion also hosts workshops, lectures, weddings and other events.  Something else that makes this mansion unique is the Bowling Alley which is one of the only examples of 19th century bowling left in the country and it was recently restored for public use.

This past weekend the Barrow Mansion presented the Holi & Arts Experience.  People from all over New Jersey and New York came to experience South Asian art, music and culture.   They offered complimentary wine and light Indian fare.

Yoga lovers will be happy to hear that Chilltown Yoga will also have a class at Barrow Mansion this Thursday, March 16th at 6:15pm.

You can help support the Barrow Mansion by donating and becoming a member or volunteering your time and talent through gardening, assisting with art events, hosting open houses for the community, or helping with fundraising. It’s a great local attraction to visit this spring right here in Jersey City.


Barrow Mansion

83 Wayne St, Jersey City, NJ 07302

(201) 579-0265