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Golden Door International Film Festival

BY libertytowers, October 4, 2017

This year will mark the 6th year of The Golden Door International Film Festival held October 5th-8th right here in Jersey City.  This film festival was founded upon the idea that every film that is selected for their program should have the opportunity or “Golden Door” to be on equal footing with all others. Whether it’s your first film or your 10th, each filmmaker, actor and crew member is treated with respect and praised for their work.


The name Golden Door Film Festival originated from the poem by Emma Lazarus which embellishes the base of the Statue of Liberty (in Jersey City, New Jersey). The last line of the poem reads “I lift my lamp beside the golden door”.  Jersey City is that golden door and Ellis Island (also in Jersey City waters) served as the door to opportunity for several decades.


Filmmakers, actors and crew are able to network with colleagues and share their work with the public extremely close to the NYC film making scene. Screenings, after parties and gala celebrations all take place within some of the most beautiful local treasures Jersey City has to offer. One of our favorite venues to watch the films is the historic Landmark Loew’s theater.  After parties will be held at PJ Ryan’s Squared each night at 10pm.


Here is the full schedule for this year’s festival.


The Landmark Loew’s Jersey

54 Journal Square, Jersey City, New Jersey 07306



PJ Ryan’s Squared

4 Path Plaza, Jersey City, NJ 07306

(201) 222-1600