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Where to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo Near Your Liberty Towers Apartment

BY libertytowers, April 30, 2018

Whether or not you have a Mexican bone in your body, everyone loves to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, with some tacos, tequila, dancing and fun. Here in Jersey City – a cultural epicenter of the area – there are tons of Mexican restaurants and bars which make for a great place to celebrate.

Since Cinco de Mayo falls on a Saturday this year, it’s bound to be even more of a great time – so put on your red, white and green and get ready for a great time in Jersey City on May 5!


Bubby’s Burritos, located at 440 Jersey Ave, Jersey City which is a six minute drive from your Liberty Towers apartment, is a quick-serve spot for tacos, wraps and a long list of burritos plus lots of smoothies and free WiFi.

Their foods are prepared with only the finest and freshest ingredients, making them all delicious and satisfying. Plus, their salads, quesadillas, soft and hard shell tacos, burritos, enchiladas, wraps, and combo plates are all mouth-watering and will satisfy your cravings.




Bubby’s Burritos

440 Jersey Ave

Jersey City, NJ 07302