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Celebrate National Hot Dog Day in Jersey City on July 17

BY libertytowers, July 15, 2019

Hot dogs are the staple of the summertime, and with National Hot Dog Day coming up on July 17, there’s no better time to enjoy this American favorite than now in Jersey City! So, you can uncover those grills and get to work, or check out one of the many eateries in town specializing in the treat.

Love hot dogs, or just want to indulge a little bit with some mustard, relish and that perfect bun? These restaurants here in Jersey City feature some of the best hot dogs near our Liberty Towers apartments.

Wurstbar, located at 516 Jersey Ave, Jersey City which is a five minute drive from your Liberty Towers apartment, is a cool spot offering a variety of sausages and beer in a rustic space with an old-school flair.

The options are endless here at Wurstbar, so don’t settle on just a plain old hot dog – instead, try some fun varieties such as that with bacon, grilled pineapple, chipotle mayo and cilantro and the hot dog with Nori mayo, crispy rice and sesame seeds.

Five Guys, located at 286 Washington St, Jersey City which is a nine minute walk from your Liberty Towers apartment, is a fast-food chain with made-to-order burgers, fries and hot dogs, plus free peanuts while you wait.

Now, 30 years after Five Guys first opened, there are almost 1,500 locations worldwide and another 1,500 units in development. Five Guys continues to receive generous media attention and has grown a cult-like following around the world.



516 Jersey Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07302

(201) 479-8396


Five Guys

286 Washington St, Jersey City, NJ 07302

(201) 433-6700