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Hosting a BBQ this Fourth of July? Check Out These Local Butcher Shops

BY libertytowers, July 9, 2019

We can’t wait to celebrate the Fourth of July soon with fireworks, parades, red, white and blue, and of course, classic American eats like burgers and hot dogs! If you’re hosting a BBQ to celebrate with your family and friends, then the options for top-grade meats are endless thanks to our many local butcher shops.

Ready to fill up that shopping cart and impress your guests with some of the best meats that our great city can offer? Head to these Jersey City butcher shops located only minutes away from your Liberty Towers apartment!

Darke Pines, located at 332 2nd St, Jersey City which is a nine minute drive from your Liberty Towers apartment, is run by husband-and-wife team Erica and Will Messmer who are dedicated to locally-sourced and responsibly-raised meat.

With their team of experienced butchers, they cut, cook, and serve 100% grass-fed beef and lamb, pastured pork, and free-range poultry, all hormone and antibiotic free and sourced from small, local farms.

Moloney’s Meat Market, located at 627 Newark Ave, Jersey City which is a 10 minute drive from your Liberty Towers apartment, is a local staple in the area, having been established in 1875. Since then, customers have come to them generation after generation for their delicious fresh-cut meats.

When you visit Moloney’s Meat Market, you’ll know you’re getting nothing but the highest grade choice cuts. Through the years, customers have admired their personal attention to fulfilling their needs when it comes to meat and their great customer service.


Darke Pines

332 2nd St, Jersey City, NJ 07302

(201) 626-3400


Moloney’s Meat Market

627 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07306

(201) 653-1764